Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Genesis of an Idea

Naresh Poonia started his MBA from SIIB, Pune in June 2006. He, along with his friends from SIIB, joined Aakanksha-An NGO for helping the slum children. He observed that Aakanksha conducts classes for slum children who are going to local government schools. He realized that he spends around four hours for travelling to Aakanksha, out of which only an hour or so is being utilized with slum children. Even during that one hour his capabilities were being used only in assisting children in concepts which taught by Aakanksha employees on the same day.
Adjacent to where he stayed in his Symbiosis hostel, lived families of laborers in their slums. These laborers, although knew the importance of education in today’s scenario, but were incapable of supporting the education of their children in good schools. Hence their children were hardly attending any school and those who were going to a school, attended a local municipal school.
Naresh recognized a need gap which was there. On the one hand were children of laborers who were deprived of quality education because of low income levels of their families. On the other hand were students like him who had skills, resources and time to contribute in education of those deprived children.

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